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On behalf of Natalie Snyder Law June 21, 2019

Keep Your Independence This Independence Day

The Fourth of July holiday is quickly approaching as summer ramps up (maybe even a glimpse of sun will be seen)! Cookouts, parties, time at the pool, and gathering with family, are all wonderful parts of Independence Day celebrations!

A summer holiday and far longer, can be severely impacted if you do not plan and act accordingly. Here are some things to keep in mind this Independence Day to preserve your freedom: don’t drive impaired or distracted~ PERIOD; don’t overindulge and find yourself wandering around acting foolish; don’t get over-confident and/or testy due to what the tequila (to kill ya) made you believe you were capable of.

No one wanted to be arrested or land in the hospital as a result of poor choices. Yes, these are choices. I would offer some suggestions to assist your choice making. To make the wise choice of not driving impaired: UBER/LYFT, a sober family member (you know, the one who prefers getting a good laugh watching the shenanigans). Choosing to not drive distracted really has only one alternative choice: PUT THE PHONE DOWN. As to the remainder of the situations described: act responsibly, know your limits, if you are not a full-time MMA fighter, don’t decide to be one after a few drinks.

There you have it, the Natalie Snyder Law quick choice guide to KEEP YOUR INDEPENDENCE THIS INDEPENDENCE DAY!



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