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Drivers who pay their tickets can still lose their licenses

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Traffic Violations |

With the exception of impaired driving offenses and incidents leading to injury or death, most traffic infractions tend to be relatively minor in nature. Police officers have the authority to pull people over and issue citations for missteps that are as seemingly mundane as failing to use a turn signal on an empty road.

Most drivers think that the only way to handle a traffic ticket is to pay the citation. Although they may be aware that Pennsylvania will add points to their driver’s license because of a ticket, they may not recognize the damage those points could cause. By fighting back, rather than simply paying a ticket, motorists can better protect their driving privileges as they move forward.

Just two tickets could cost someone their license

Different traffic infractions carry different penalties under Pennsylvania law. Minor traffic mistakes could add two points to someone’s license, while more serious issues could add five points all at once.

Six points on someone’s license are all it may take for them to face an administrative license suspension. Drivers who have accrued six points or more will need to take a special exam to avoid losing their driving privileges, and delays in testing or a failed test could cost their licenses. Drivers who accrue six points more than once will face mandatory license suspension and testing, and they will also have to attend a state hearing.

There are certain infractions, such as unsafe driving near school buses, that can automatically lead to license suspension. They can add numerous points and lead to a license suspension on their own, in addition to any penalties for the points on their license.

Those who go to traffic courts to defend against a ticket can potentially avoid the loss of their license for this ticket or a future citation. They can also prevent the situation from significantly increasing what they pay for car insurance. There are numerous means of defending against allegations of a traffic violation depending on the situation that led to the claim and the driving record of the individual involved.

Choosing to fight a traffic ticket can be a smart choice for anyone who is worried about preserving their driving privileges and/or minimizing the financial impact of a recent traffic stop.